Inspired by Disney Bluetooth Digital Key Mar 25, 2022

A piece of news shows on Disney's official website:

"Coming Soon! Unlock Your Hotel Room With Digital Key"

Earlier this spring, the Disneyland Resort introduced a new online check-in service for their hotel guests to save them the time when they arrive at the front desk.

Bluetooth technology application

Here are the steps for using the digital key:

  1. Link your hotel reservation to your Disney account in the Disneyland app or online.
  2. Complete online check-in up to five days prior to arrival, or check-in at the Front Desk upon arrival to complete the traditional process.
  3. Upon arrival, once your room is assigned and ready, you can access your room and locate your hotel room number within the digital key feature by tapping the "Unlock Door" button after signing in to your Disney account on the Disneyland app. If you completed online check-in, you can use your digital key to bypass the Front Desk and go straight to your room!

Tap the "Unlock Door" button and then hold your mobile device against the door lock. A Bluetooth®-enabled device with the latest version of the Disneyland app is required.

Tip! The digital key also allows guests to charge select dining and shopping to their hotel room from the Disneyland app! They can also access designated hotel areas requiring a key, such as the pools and fitness centers.

From this application scene, we can learn that it is very simple for you to experience the Bluetooth digital key. You only need to have a mobile phone that supports Bluetooth and download an application program of Disneyland. All program is running in the cloud. The mobile phone can be used as a "transit station" for information interaction while the device adopts a Bluetooth solution, which is reliable in communication and extremely low cost. Then this seemingly amazing operation is completed.

At present, the Bluetooth module has basically become the standard configuration of the smart door locks. The price of Bluetooth modules from high to low grade available on the market is from $1 to $5, like RF-BM-4044 from RF-star, which can completely meet the Bluetooth application needs including the family fingerprint lock, apartment lock, hotel lock and even cabinet lock. And unlocking is only a small part of what a Bluetooth digital key can do. There are more functions of Bluetooth digital key, such as:

Bluetooth digital key

  1. Mobile phone unlock or Bluetooth key unlock
  2. Inductive unlocking and identification
  3. Use the simple and friendly interface of the mobile phone to set the password and set the user
  4. Set the unlocking authority and the unlocking time window
  5. Query unlocking records and unlocking methods
  6. Low battery reminder
  7. Door lock networking
  8. Information interaction with other devices

With the low-cost and low power consumption Bluetooth solution, it is available to replicate the same logic to use in the application fields of authorization, charging and identity verification.

Today, with the development of the IoT, the market keeps growing. The cost is not the main threshold of intelligent products anymore. In the coming future, the low-power consumption Bluetooth communication technology will move towards miniaturization, lower power consumption and low cost, which enables people to enjoy a smart and convenient life with the least cost solution.

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