RF-star Released RTL8720CM-based Wi-Fi+BLE Combo Module RF-WM-20CMB1 Nov 18, 2022

The RF-star recently launched a new WiFi+BLE combo module RF-WM-20CMB1. The module is designed on top of the Realtek's SoC RTL8720CM featuring a high-performance KM4 MCU, and a variety of peripherals: UART, SPI, I2C, SDIO, GPIO, etc. It supports the Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 1x1 2.4GHz and BLE 4.2 (PHY, LL, L2CAP, SM, ATT, GAP, GATT), while featuring a large memory capacity (FLASH: 2MB, ROM: 384KB).

RTL8720CM-based Wi-Fi+BLE Combo Module RF-WM-20CMB1

The specification of the module is as follows:

Basic Parameters

►Antenna type

PCB Onboard Antenna

►Operating Voltage


►Operating temperature

-20 ~ +85 ℃

►Storage temperature

-55 ~ +125 ℃

►Packaging method

SMT (stamp half hole)


23.0mm*20.0mm*2.4 mm

WiFi Parameters

►Working frequency


►Wi-Fi standard

802.11 b/g/n

►Transmission Power (Typical)

11b(11Mbps@CCK):17.0dBm 11g(54Mbps@OFDM):15.0dBm 11n(72Mbps@MCS7): 13.0dBm

► Sensitivity (Typical)

11b(11Mbps@CCK):-86dBm 11g(54Mbps@OFDM):-73dBm 11n(72Mbps@MCS7): -69dBm



Bluetooth Parameters

►Working frequency


►Bluetooth standard

BLE 4.2

►Transmission Power (Typical)


► Sensitivity (Typical)

-96 dBm

►Wireless protocol


Features of RF-WM-20CMB1 Module

► Supports both Wi-Fi 4 (2.4GHz) and BLE 4.2 to meet a variety of application scenarios

► Supports standard transparent transmission with a predefined suite of AT commands, making custom development very easy.

► Supports secondary development of C-SDK package

► Supports OTA upgrade

► Supports BLE Configuration for fast network deployment

How to use RF-WM-20CMB1 module

1. Network Configuration

RF-WM-20CMB1 supports WiFi network configuration with AT commands, and supports Bluetooth peer-to-peer network configuration with BLE Config, thus making network configuration fast and convenient.

RF-WM-20CMB1 supports WiFi network configuration

2. How to use the network

The module supports two operating modes: AP mode and STA mode. In AP(Access Point,) mode, it provides wireless access for other WIFI devices, functioning as a generic wireless routers/bridges while being allowed to connect with other APs.

In STA(Station) mode, the device functions similar to a wireless terminal. An STA itself does not accept wireless access, whereas it can be connected to an AP. A generic wireless network card works in this mode.

In STA mode, the RF-WM-20CMB1 module can establish a client or a server over TCP connection. In AP mode, the module can establish a server to support other TCP clients connected with it in STA mode.

Application Scenarios

The RF-WM-20CMB1 module, with built-in TCP/IP protocols and Bluetooth protocols can be used in a broad spectrum of IoT applications.

►  Home automation

►  Appliance control

►  Security system

►  Smart energy

►  Internet gateway

►  Industrial control

►  Smart socket

►  Sensor network node

►  Smart toys

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