RF-star Releases New Beacon Device RF-B-SR1 Oct 25, 2022

RF-star, a pioneer in the wireless IoT arena, has recently released a new Beacon RF-B-SR1, which further enriches its Beacon product line. It also shows the company's confidence in the Beacon application market.

RF-star RF-B-SR1 is designed on basis of Silicon Labs' Bluetooth Low Power chip EFR32BG22, which features a 76.8 MHz ARM® Cortex®-M33 core, and supports Bluetooth 5.2, with average power consumption of 15.46μA@1s&0dBm, long autonomy and long range. With dimensions of Φ51mm*21mm, the product features casing rated IP65. With a 1000 mAH DURACELL CR2477 battery, it can work continuously for 6 years with 1 second broadcast interval.

The BG22 enabled Beacon device dramatically enhanced the user experience in network configuration. The product is simple in design, cost effective, low-power consuming, easy to deploy, and can well address the diverse needs of industry customers.

beacon sample

How Bluetooth Beacon RF-B-SR1 Works

The Beacon device broadcasts data packets at a specific interval, while the Bluetooth host (such as a mobile phone, etc.) keeps scanning and hence receiving the data packets at such interval. The packet contains the MAC address of the broadcast device, which can be used for device identification.The host will also measure the signal strength, i.e. the RSSI value, with the reverse channel acceptance mechanism. If the host i.e. a mobile phone, is installed with an app with certain Beacon function, a corresponding action can be started in light of the received ID. For example, enable the reception of broadcast information, enable positioning and ranging, enable the push program, etc.

Key application scenarios of RF-B-SR1

The rapid development of positioning technology has gradually incubated and eventually boosted the rise of its market demand. The application of indoor location based services over Beacon technology has become extensive.

  • Information push:In shopping malls, Beacons can be installed near particular showcased products. When a customer approaches a Beacon, the mobile phone will receive latest product promotion information or coupons.
  • Positioning service: It can be used for indoor positioning in exhibitions, libraries, museums, hotels, airports, campuses, hospitals, prisons, etc, facilitating the management of personnel or assets.
  • Attendance booking: With his or her phone’s Bluetooth turned on, a worker can has his or her attendance automatically booked while approaching the Beacon device.
  • Electronic fence: Placing some Beacon devices at certain spots can demarcate a certain area to regulate the access of vehicles such as shared bicycles or drones.
  • Statistics: Beacon devices can provide automatic on-site data statistics services for organizations. Users can collect data on offline access behavior with Beacon devices in brick-and-mortar business and service industries, helping them to conduct precise survey and to form insightful understanding to customers, market and products.

As a renowned wireless IoT solution manufacturer, RF-star is proud of the stable performance and accuracy of its Bluetooth beacon devices, which can cater to the diverse demands of customers. Its relentless endeavor for optimizing performance of IoT solutions keep pushing itself ahead in developing more and more top edged devices.

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