What is RF Module? Dec 01, 2021

An RF module, additionally usually referred to as a radio frequency module, is a small electronic device that is used to transmit and receive radio signals among devices, and is also utilized in embedded structures to facilitate wireless communication connections.

What is the main characteristic of an RF module?

Radio frequency modules are the largest facilitator of wireless communication, that is because it does not require a line of sight. This is in evaluation to its ordinary alternative, Infrared, which on the whole operates in line of sight mode. It spans between a range of 3 kHz and three 300 GHz, with the lower stop being carried out in programs together with submarines and radio stations whilst the better spectrum is utilized in applications such as GPS, wireless, Bluetooth and TV broadcasting. An RF module is generally used with a couple of encoder/decoders. The encoder is used for encoding parallel statistics for transmitting even as the reception is decoded by means of a decoder.

Following are the main characteristics of an RF Module:

RF Module

Act as a transmitter of signals

  • Bridging communication among two devices
  • RF can stretch conversation between applications
  • A solution for detecting radio signals

Acts as a receiver module

The overall performance of radio frequency programs is depending on some elements. Thru growing a transmitter's power, a larger conversation range may be attained. This also reasons a strength drain from the strength supply which can bring about a shorter life span for battery-powered gadgets. Through the usage of higher transmitted power, interference with different radio frequencies can occur.

Typical applications of an RF module

  • Smart Home
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Remote controls
  • Sensor reporting
  • Automation systems
  • Medical
  • Logistics

RF-star wireless modules

RF-star, as a leading RF module manufacturer, offers a numerous variety of RF modules based on IoT technology, including BLE, WiFi, ZigBee, Sub-1G, LoRa, etc.

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